Haunting at the Volo Barn

I took a trip to the Volo Museum and the alleged Haunted Volo Barn.  I will say that I did have some experiences there that seemed strange.  When entering the barn, I did feel a cold spot and did smell a sweet smell.  At first I thought it was some sort of potpourri or incense and thought it was a sweet smell such as cherry coconut.  I was told later the odor is supposed to be cherry tobacco.

The only photographic anomaly was the shadow of a man's face with possibly a hat on that appeared on a photograph I was taking a picture of.  It is shown in the video I listed on youtube.

Here is the rest of the investigation.

At some point, I would like to go back and do a further investigation.  For now, I would compare this experience with something similar I experienced at Aztalan.

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