Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New Books from TFTMS are Out!

Three new Books are Out:

Rose Brandt never had a normal childhood. Unbeknown to her, she came from a long line of witches. Her mother had committed suicide, but she never understood why. Her grandmother took her in and raised her in the old ways, but her brother left as soon as he turned eighteen. Rose carried on with her life but had no idea of the depth of what would come her way. The love of her life, Eric, would be taken from her and she would lose her identity only to find it twenty years later. She will have to decide what path she will take.

Four short tales from the mysterious side for you to enjoy. The Box tells the story of Sophie, a young writer in New York face to face with the strange world that a box bought at a flea market brings to her. Shapeshifters of Dublin finds four Irish teens acquiring the power of shapeshifting. They think their new powers are going to make life great until they meet four American shapeshifters who murder for sport. Billy the Bad Boy Giant tells the story of a modern day Nephilim and the struggle to find out who he is and not get killed off by Archangels on the look out for him. The Fortune Tellers finds three wannabe fortune tellers at the mercy of the Norns who give them the power to really see the future as well as have the responsibility to weave it.

Tales from the Mysterious Side Volume 2 Tale one includes the story of Preacher Henry Weston Smith and his true life story that ends in Deadwood, South Dakota with his unsolved murder. Tale two centers around the story of Women's Airforce pilot of WW 2 who was ferrying planes but finds herself transported to the future. Tale three is about the mysterious find of old 16 mm films that lead to an alien mystery from the 1940s. Tale four is about the Irish Slave trade and one particular curse placed on the man who throws the children of an Irish woman and herself into the ocean during a slave trade trip to the colonies. He is cursed and his life unravels because of what he did.

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