Sunday, March 26, 2017

Haunting - Lehmann Mansion

The Lehmann Mansion (Lake Villa) was built by Edward Lehmann in the late 1800s.  The Lehmanns ran a successful store, but the stress of running the businesses made Mr. Lehmann have a nervous breakdown.  He was committed to an asylum.  His wife managed the home and eventually the Village of Lake Villa acquired it and uses it to rent out for weddings.  Next to the home are abandoned train cars and cooking ovens and an abandoned shed. The place is said to be haunted and full body apparitions are said to be seen inside the mansion.  Again this place was visited while on a tour provided by Ursula Bielski.

Haunting - The Gate

The Gate Haunting (Libertyville) is said to be the location that a gruesome mass murder at a Girl's Prep school, took place.  The history of this place seems to have been deliberately erased.  It is off River Road near Independence Grove Forest Preserve.  Here are some pictures from the Gate (again taken during a tour provided by Ursula Bielski).

Haunted Mineola Hotel

The Mineola Hotel (Fox Lake) was built in 1888.  The hotel was a reported gangster hide out with visits from Al Capone.  It is now condemned and the current owner is looking for a buyer to renovate the place. It is said to be haunted.  I visited the place while on a haunted tour provided by Ursula Bielski.  She used a Ghost box and did receive some verbal answers via it when asking questions. The most interesting ghost response was when I was asking about the gangster history.  A male voice came through and said,

"Get going, buddy."

Here are some pictures from the old hotel:

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Lost Video of UFO Abductee Betty Hill

I found this series on Youtube and found it to be quite interesting.  Apparently, Betty Hill was able to photograph more UFO craft landings after her one and only abduction.  Here it is:

Continue on with the rest of the series on Youtube.  Thanks.

Haunted Joliet Prison EVPs

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