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This is a site dedicated to exploring subjects of mystery, history, hauntings, cryptids, UFOs, and the macabre.
Almost everyone has an interest in what happens to themselves after death. If they claim they don’t, they are lying or in denial. There are many that have experienced strange phenomenon that could only be categorized as supernatural or paranormal. I have personally experienced several since childhood. I’ve put many of them to the back of my mind for many years, but as I began to do my research for my books that focused on ancient mythology, religion, and history that required me to go out to old Native American sites and Massacre sites, I began to have a few strange experiences.
One was an audio experience at the Princess Mound up in Wisconsin. Another had to do with Lovelock Cave. One happened to me while visiting an antique mall in Volo, that involved olfactory phenomenon, cold air, photographing images of a ghost, dreams, premonitions, and eventually empathetic feelings. This Volo experience caused me to stop my current research and to look very deeply into the history of the Civil War ghost, his family, and the surrounding land (Lake County, Illinois outside of Chicago, Illinois).
I would eventually find out that the ghost’s history intersected with Native American history and massacre history and giants of Lake County. This haunting led me back to my original area of interest and then some. All roads of interest intersected in Volo, Illinois for me and it would be quite apparent that a whole lot more was going on between the supernatural world and the natural world. My research continues and because of these paranormal experiences, I began to write a whole new set of books and to create this website to fully explore not just history and the natural world, but to fully study and understand that it intersects with the supernatural world as well.
I am also cognizant of being respectful during my research with what I do, write, and say, but I must also tell the truth. The truth is there is a timeline of the land that is not being discussed and brought to light. There is great power in controlling history and the way people think. It is quite lucrative as well. It is my destiny to unveil much of this hidden human story, expose the lies of the present, and give respect and acknowledgement to the past what ever it is.
It is my goal to see, to hear, to learn, to research, to speak and tell the truth and tell all of it, to acknowledge, and to inspire. I continue to do that with my research all though the truth is not always a sweet tasting medicine but can be bitter at times.
This website will be dedicated to the paranormal and supernatural side that I experience in my research and in my life. It will show how all roads come together.
Thank you,
Rita Jean Moran

Haunted Joliet Prison EVPs

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